The coach and the singer share a strangely symbiotic year.

Both Urban Meyerand Mariah Carey closed 2016 with embarrassing performances—a 31-0 Fiesta Bowl loss for the Ohio State football coach and a Times Square meltdown on live television for the Grammy-winning songstress. It turns out New Year's Eve wasn't the only time their lives were in sync in 2016. We chart their year of living symbiotically.

March: Turnaround Efforts

Boosts John Kasich's sagging presidential campaign with a video endorsement

Boosts the sagging reality-TV genre with the announcement of her new show, Mariah's World

March-April: Strong Statements

Urban: Criticizes an NCAA rule about texting recruits

Mariah: Criticizes “abusive” overhead lighting

June: Hanging with Celebrity Friends

Urban: Greets Spike Lee and Julius Ervingat the NBA Finals in Cleveland

Mariah: Greets John Legend and Chrissy Teigen after a Las Vegas concert

July-August: Hanging with Shirtless Dudes

Urban: Hosts a team pool party and cookout at his Dublin house

Mariah: Reclines upon a couch comprised of hunky, bare-chested men at a TV critic conference

November: Dietary Revelations

Urban: Tells reporters he needs to pick up a gallon of milk after fielding a phone call from his wife during a press conference

Mariah: Tells an E! network interviewer she eats just capers and Norwegian salmon