Photographers share their favorite images.

Anyone who’s tried to take a nice photo of their engagement ring knows that it can be tricky business. Something about diamonds is just hard to translate from real life to the screen (and to print, if you’re still old-fashioned about it). So when we saw stunning sparkler close-ups from Danielle Cassidy Photography, we immediately asked her to share some of her favorite photos.

“I love shooting all of the details of a wedding, but the ring shots are by far my favorite!” Cassidy says. “It is the most symbolic of the detail shots, and it can set the whole tone of the album.” She adds that she likes to employ flowers, various lighting techniques and other objects to set the scene and tell a story.

That’s not to say it’s an easy task for her, however.

“I have to sneak away to a quiet area for a few minutes,” Cassidy says. “When shooting rings like this, getting your focus where you want it can be challenging. Even just the slightest movement from taking a breath can change where your focus lands.”

Cassidy has always felt drawn to artistic and creative fields, but it wasn’t until her husband bought her a DSLR for Christmas that she started exploring photography specifically. That gift inspired her to change her major in college to photography and follow her new passion. Today, Cassidy and her husband, Zach, team up to shoot weddings in the Central Ohio area and beyond.

“Being a wedding photographer is an art,” Cassidy says on her website. “It’s the key balance between knowing when to be invisible, and when to step in to get things done.”

It looks to us like Cassidy has struck that balance pretty well.