2827 Sunbury Rd., Galena

John Bradley Gibson, trustee, from Gregory M. and Beth A. Schuth


7120 Deacon Ct., Dublin

James E. and Jennifer Lynn Blank from Virginia A. Torchio, trustee


275 Beck St., Columbus

Alexa J. Neibart and Jeffrey Scott Barry from Branko Pfeiffer


2092 Fontenay Pl., Upper Arlington

Constance and Michael Ballenger from Colleen Carey Kirk


4386 Tarrytown Ct., New Albany

Allison B. and Jason S. Calodney from Leslie R. Fox


5610 Trabue Rd., Columbus

Alisha Hotel LLC from Zeta Properties LLC


3450 Mann Rd., Blacklick

Elaine E. May, trustee, from Barbara S. Ray


27 Sessions Dr., Bexley

Vivian D. Bichsel, trustee, from Rebecca R. Taft


1000 Broadview Ave., 

Grandview Heights

Tendy Chiang and Amita Maturu from Susan G. Oakes


3635 Eyre Hall Pass, New Albany

John D. and Jennifer H. Campbell from Andrew T. and Jody L. Linton


8608 Liberty Rd., Powell

Timothy J. and Alison R. Spencer from Ryan M. and Whitney M. Gaslin


7101 Robertson Ct., Dublin

Douglas J. and Beth A. Byorth from John P. and Jessica J. Sullivan


8120 Tillinghast Dr., Dublin

Pramod R. Janagama and Praneetha Kadari from Michelle D. and Donald J. Hunter Jr., trustees


4162 Squires Ln., Upper Arlington

Daniel G. and Victoria L. Armstrong from Gruebmeyer Builders LLC


101 Lake Bluff Dr., Columbus

Sanjay S. and Nina L. Patel from Henn Brothers Construction Group LLC


7383 Cottonwood Dr., Plain City

Lia A. and Micah F. Pickel from Bob Webb Jerome Village LLC


4616 Village Club Dr., Powell

David J. and Amanda E. Butler from Christine A. Butler


4470 Katherine’s Way, Westerville

Joshua E. and Elizabeth A. Fenton from Katherine S. Leveque and Leveque Estates LLC


4649 Barrymede Ct., Upper Arlington

Eric M. and Mary L. Stucke from Wakeford Bluff LLC


2451 Danvers Ct., Upper Arlington

Michael R. and Kathryn K. Traven, trustees, from Gregory A. and Rachel H. Barrett, trustees


6701 Brodie Blvd., Dublin

Tracy L. and Joseph P. Hayes III from Keri N. and Jerry 

W. Chellini Jr., trustees


378 S. Roosevelt Ave., Bexley

Wade P. Roberts and Gina M. Fiorino from Glenn A. and Deborah Estapa


795 Dent Rd., Sunbury

Christopher J. and Cara N. Young from J. Brian Smith and Janice L. Stemen


7255 Southfield Rd., New Albany

6320 Pelican LLC from Arica and Todd Sandler


908 John Michael Way, Columbus

Judith M. Pachi from Lewis Thomas and Debra Ann Comer, trustees

As provided by the Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.