Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

Today, we’re excited to bring you a brand-new series here on Bustled: Our Favorite Photo.

If you’ve read the magazine, you might be familiar with a recurring story of the same name. In it, couples from the issue call out their favorite image from their wedding day and tell us why they love it. It’s so fun to see what everyone’s favorites are, but sadly, the magazine only has so many pages.

That’s where this series comes in! This is your chance to share your favorite image from your big day, whether it was featured in the magazine or not. And it doesn’t matter when your wedding was, either; you can share your favorite wedding photo on your 50th anniversary, if you’d like!

Submitting your image is easy; just upload it and answer a few short questions about your wedding here. Don’t forget to check back here on Bustled every Tuesday and Thursday to see if your image was featured.

Oh, and the image featured today? It’s twofer: Our favorite image from the “Our Favorite Photo” story in the current issue of the magazine.