1797 Scioto Pointe Dr., Columbus

Erika L. Haupt, trustee, from Walter E Dennis, et. al.


78 Park Dr., Columbus

Rab Investments, LLC from Michael S. Lehv


1908 Woodlands Pl., Powell

Andrew J. and Diane D. Harmening from James A. and Kathleen C. Rutherford


7263 Waterston Rd., New Albany

Timothy G. Cain, trustee, from H. Anthony and Attusa Hai


4703 Yantis Dr., New Albany

Teresa A. and John E. Archer, trustees, from Timothy and Jill E. Treece


7940 Ginger Pl., Dublin

Clark A. and Dixie J. May from Luke J. and Amy J. Fickell


227 Sycamore St., Columbus

Javier M. and Lois C. Invernizzi from Daniel Scott Williams, Jennifer L. Williams and Daniel R. Wojnarski


4279 Shull Rd., Columbus

Shull Rd. LLC From Gantner 5 Farm


296 N. Columbia Ave., Bexley

Brian S. Katz and Ashley E. Smith from Sanford H. Barsky


420 S. Parkview Ave., Bexley

Edward B. and Alissa H. Hines from Jeffrey Gyurcsik and Mari L. Dillion-Gyurcsik


300 Spring St., Unit 1102, Columbus

Nicholas Arthur and Susan Anne Farmer from Hirsh Family Holdings LLC


2252 Brixton Rd., Upper Arlington

Michael D. Pratt and Nadia Malik from Eric G. and Pamela D. Shisler


1540 N. Powell Rd., Powell

Christopher G. Yates and Howard Dwight Embry II from Thomas P. and Kathleen K. Ludlam


7433 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany

Timothy A. and Jill E. Treece from Sandra H. and Warren H. Philipp Jr.


628 Jaeger St., Columbus

Matthew W. Gibson, trustee, from George Z. Nahra


2014 Home Rd., Delaware

Jeffrey A. and Michelle R. Ward from Jatin R. and Sandhya J. Patel


10019 Wellington Blvd., Powell

Nanette E. Richardson, trustee, from Michael S. and Robin Rosenfeld Bernstein


10747 Campden Lakes Blvd., Dublin

Shrikrishna W. and Shree Dhawale from Michael R. Smith and Amy Jo Hoppel


1275 Guilford Rd., Delaware

Nicholas P. Honda II from Romanelli and Hughes Building Co.


6980 Santori Ln., Dublin

Steven J. and Lindsey N. Snethkamp from R. Todd and 

D. Dawn Beckman


10714 Winchcombe Dr., Dublin

Lu and Yiqing Zhang from Stacey J. Cleveland, trustee


495 Tucker Dr., Worthington

Robert and Sandra Bornstein from Gregory C. and Elizabeth A. Ames


1911 Wingate Dr., Delaware

Daniel Anthony and Nicole C. Gersper from Lisa Michelle and Leslie Robert Johnson III


4398 Menderes Dr., Powell

Douglas C. and Dena Russell from Eric A. and Edith Voisard


370-372 W. Seventh Ave., Columbus

Katherine P. Moss and Simon T. Doolittle from Heather Palmer and Raymond D. Mineau

As provided by the Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.