Acre owner Todd Mills opened his Clintonville restaurant in 2014 and a second near Grandview last February.

The family-friendly fast-casual eatery serves breakfast, lunch and dinner (and now booze), and is known for fresh, local and healthy fare. A Clintonville resident, Mills generally cooks from the farmers market, but when he, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter go out to eat, they stay close to home. Here are his Columbus picks.

Beer Bar: Lineage Brewing. “I like bringing my daughter to Lineage on a Saturday afternoon. I like that it's bright and open, has games to play, and has that ‘Clintonville neighborhood' feel to it.”

Upscale Bar: Curio. “I love what Travis [Owens] is doing and is trying to find. He always has something more interesting than I'm familiar with. I had a cocktail there with charcoal and pineapple. It was bizarre, but fantastic.”

Takeout: “Lavash is our go-to. Everyone in my family can find something that's enjoyable. I normally get a shawarma of some sort, and my wife gets falafel.”

Comfort Food: Cuco's Taqueria. “Decent Mexican food is comfort food in my world. They have a ton of options (and nicely cooked beans), and if I'm in the mood, they have great margaritas.”

Special Occasion: Kihachi. “We recently had an insanely good meal there. I thought I knew what good sushi was, but I was uninformed—until I went there. We had the omakase menu, and it was beyond special.”