A LeVeque condominium has citywide views at 35 stories high.

It is rare that Columbus Monthly features a model home. But in 25 years of covering Central Ohio's residential dwellings, we have never before written about a new home this high in the sky.

A few years back, developer Brett Kaufman announced that among Downtown's building boom would be his renovation project at the LeVeque Tower, to include several condominiums within four high floors of this iconic Downtown building. We wanted to be the first to offer our readers a peek.

This year, Mariott's Autograph Collection added Hotel LeVeque and opened 122 rooms in the building. Then, Kaufman finished and rented 69 private apartments, also in the building. Finally, in May, the developer began selling the eight condominiums on the 34th through 37th floors. Their unique shapes, sky views and private, concierge lifestyle likely will make them among the most coveted spots in the city for years in the future. One of the eight units was sold within the first month.

Few views from other Downtown penthouses compare with these. Never before have we stood in a spot to look down on Miranova, North Bank and other residential towers along the Scioto Mile. However, there's a charge for this sort of view.

The eight condominiums in the LVQ residences were priced from $549,000 to $1.3 million, for the penthouse featured here. A resident's financial commitment doesn't end there, though. Homeowner association fees range from $518 to $1,355 per month, for this largest unit. (A longtime apartment at the very top of the LeVeque's peak remains privately held and is not for sale.)

Deco Spaces

The spaces in the LVQ condos are challenging, given the building's unique design. Interior designer Courtney Jones explains that the design team worked together to create the livable spaces that are currently available, ranging from about 1,200 square feet to nearly 2,877 square feet, the size of this unit.

“We were fortunate to work closely with the architectural and development team throughout the process and did conceptual furniture layouts at the early planning stages of the project,” she says. “This led to some condo reconfiguration prior to construction to ensure the greatest usability of the space; so going into finding actual furnishings I had an idea of what would work well. The style of the furnishings fell into place naturally—my goal was to bring an urban and modern, yet livable, aesthetic to the rooms.”

Working for It

Moving to a Downtown residence requires a special kind of grit, from moving furniture to reserving the residential elevator. Intelligent furnishing choices are a must. “By far the greatest challenge was the logistics of moving furniture, accessories and art up 35 floors,” explains Jones, regarding furnishings in this unit.

Light and Bright Design

“As we worked through selecting the interior finishes for the condos, we kept going back to our original design inspiration boards that set a tone for the entire project; one that respected the building's elegant history and distinctive skyline presence, but brought a sense of freshness and vitality to the condos,” Jones says. “The use of white marble and a restrained paint color palette help the smaller spaces feel light and airy—though admittedly, the incredible views don't hurt either.”

Sizzling on Top

A lavish penthouse kitchen (shown here without appliances) is convenient even though residents may be tempted to dine at the dozens of nearby restaurants. “As a designer I gravitate toward a clean, simple palette,” explains Jones. “In the LeVeque I wanted to push that a little by adding a bold, graphic, art deco-inspired backsplash.It's definitely an eye-catching statement in the kitchen.”

Columbus History

The LeVeque Tower was one of the tallest buildings in the country when it was built in 1927 and was not surpassed in height in Columbus until the Rhodes State Office Tower was built a block east at 30 E. Broad St. in 1974. Throughout its history the LeVeque has had an iconic presence on the Downtown skyline, hosting various businesses and office spaces.

“The most challenging part of the project was making sure that we honored the shared passion for the building, its history, the sentimental value it has in the city and the master developer's [Bob Meyers] vision,” says developer Brett Kaufman.

Keeping it Classic

Residents have easy access to the cozy pub in the Hotel LeVeque, known as The Keep, which is located on the second floor of the building, complete with a balcony that overlooks the lobby. Leather furnishings, rich wooden paneling and plenty of private sitting spaces provide the aura of a classic wine cellar. Although the building has hosted mainly offices for the last several years, part of it was once used as an extension of Downtown's former Deshler-Wallick Hotel.

Full Service Concierge

A premium amenity for LVQ residents, including condominium owners, is the use of Hotel LeVeque's concierge services, located at the lobby level of the LeVeque. Other amenities include easy access to the adjoining parking garage, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, as well as immediate access to events at the neighboring Palace Theatre.