The many revelations of John Kasich's “Two Paths” and a tale of three videos

John Kasich has a lot to say—on politics, on the direction of the country, on the “Godfather” trilogy. We put together this handy grid to help you appreciate the insights, campaign tidbits and off-the-wall comments found within the Ohio governor’s new book, “Two Paths.”

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Josh Mandel's close-up

A week in the life of Josh Mandel, Ohio treasurer, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and budding viral video star

Tuesday, May 2

Act I: A public service announcement featuring Mandel and Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer

Summary: The Republican-controlled Ohio House of Representatives passed what Democrats called the “Mandel amendment.” The provision, part of the state budget bill, would prevent Mandel and other statewide officeholders from using a spending loophole to pay for self-promoting videos like this one he shot with Meyer to promote an Ohio treasurer's financial program for disabled individuals.

Thursday, May 4

Act II: A Twitter video of Mandel at the U.S.-Mexico border

Summary: In his quest to unseat Sen. Sherrod Brown, Mandel is positioning himself as a mini-Donald Trump. This video features Mandel in front of a mound of scrub grass, calling out “timid, establishment, deal-making politicians in the U.S. House” for failing to fund Trump's proposed border wall. “Did my tax dollars pay for you get down there?” asked one Twitter wag.

Monday, May 8

Act III: A video of Mandel during his 2010 campaign for treasurer

Summary: This old Ohio Capital Blog clip became relevant again after Mandel pledged during a press conference to support federal term limits and criticized Brown for not following through on a vow to serve only 12 years when he was first elected to Congress 25 years ago. Asked about his decision to run for the U.S. Senate for the first time in 2012, two years after he pledged to serve a full four-year term as state treasurer, Mandel replied, “I don't recall.” This video shows Mandel making that pledge.