An intersection of local music and world-class art

A sword oscillates inside Sudarshan Shetty's teak archway on the third floor of the Pizzuti Collection. The mechanism clicks as it swings, and Lisa Bella Donna listens in. That's her tonic, says the local musician—her tonal starting point. Then she looks across the room to an interactive sculpture of a stick figure balanced on its bowler hat. If the sword isn't moving but the sculpture is tilting and turning, she thinks the dulcet sounds of a marimba might work best.

Bella Donna is plotting her Sept. 9 concert here, standing in the white-walled gallery surrounded by the Visions from India exhibition. She talks of creating a sound and a presence that swirls around the room: “I want people to be aware of the whole space, not just what I'm doing.”

She's among the first scheduled to play the new Performance at 632 series, which juxtaposes local musicians with Pizzuti's renowned contemporary art. It kicks off Aug. 19 with sets from both Andrew Graham of Swarming Branch and Val Glenn from Time and Temperature. Bella Donna, a multi-instrumentalist who creates aural landscapes, will play the September concert that also includes local rock duo Marie Corbo and Noah Demland, aka Corbezzolo.

The series was conceived by Philip Kim, the gallery's marketing and communications coordinator, as a way to introduce the wealth of local musicians to literary or visual artists and Pizzuti's membership. “I feel like a big mission of this show was to display the powerful talent of Columbus' music scene,” says Kim, who plays in the band Connections.

He eventually wants the series to feature poets, dancers and other performing artists as well. After the September concert, it will likely go on hiatus until early next year while the gallery sets up the Lines/Edges exhibition that opens Nov. 17 and includes works by Frank Stella.