Why you should be a guest in the 43rd Annual 2017 Short North Tour of Homes & Gardens

After walking through house tours in multiple neighborhoods around Central Ohio, the Short North Tour remains one of my favorites. Here are six reasons that you shouldn’t miss this upcoming event. The public tour is Sunday, Sept. 17. Reserve tickets and get more information at ShortNorthCivic.org:

Vintage house stock. Few other neighborhoods in Central Ohio feature so many Victorian homes that have been expertly renovated. This year will not disappoint.

Great patios. Even though homes are on smaller lots, those on the tour will demonstrate some of the best backyard gardens you’ll see in the city.

Shady streets. For people who like to stroll, start early for this Sunday event and you can enjoy a peaceful walk through Victorian and Italian villages. There is no better time than a quiet morning to appreciate the revitalized neighborhoods in this busy part of town.

Attic spaces. I can’t speak for this year’s tour, but in the past we’ve viewed a number of beautifully finished attic spaces during the event. For special effect, occasionally you’ll be treated to a rooftop deck for a new view of the area.

Swimming pools. Believe it or not, a number of homes in the Short North area have swimming pools in their backyards, as well as carriage houses that feature guest quarters. Frequently, you’ll see at least a couple of pools during the tour.

Brunch. Take a break during this nine-house tour. In the midst of it all are several Short North restaurants open for brunch. Forno and Guild House are two of my favorites. Mimosas are available everywhere.