Take your dog to work

A year and a half ago, I pitched an idea to my husband: We should open an indoor dog park—a climate-controlled space to take our energetic puppy when it was too cold or rainy for an outdoor excursion. My husband thought it was a great idea.

Apparently, so did Steffanie Sanchez.

She came to the same conclusion in 2008 when she adopted Jake, a 4-month-old terrier mix. After finishing her MBA, creating a business plan and conducting an extensive site search, Sanchez opened Tail Wags Playground, Columbus' first indoor dog park, in Grandview in March 2016. But a playground wasn't enough; she also wanted a dog-friendly lounge where people could work or relax with their pups.

“I thought, ‘Gosh, it'd be great if I could just relax in some place and not have to leave Jake at home,'” Sanchez says.

Sanchez touts the lounge's amenities—$2 cups of One Line coffee, unlimited free Wi-Fi and carabiners bolted to the floor and furniture to secure your dog's leash while you relax or work—as just part of the overall appeal of the space, which is divided into the 2,300-square-foot lounge and the 5,200-square-foot playground. Memberships are available in daily, monthly and semiannual packages and include unlimited use of the lounge and playground.

“We've had members come in, take conference calls out of the lounge with their pup right at their feet,” she says. “And right after their call, they can go into the park, play with their dog for 20 minutes, then come right back out to work.” tailwagsplayground.com.