We've all seen the must-snap shot list for wedding photos; here are the top five moments you'll want to catch in motion.

When a single day takes months of planning and is so significant, you'll probably want to make sure that your videographer captures every moment for you to relive down the road. But with limited resources, budget and attention span when watching your wedding video later on, it's important to prioritize the key moments to film. Here's what Columbus videographers and couples say are the top five moments to capture on the big day.

1. The Gown

“I love the part when she is going toward the dress and she is getting ready to put the dress on,” says Elle Reed of Brett Loves Elle Photography, which also provides videography services. “Putting the dress on can be really messy … you've just got arms everywhere, people everywhere, and it's just not pretty.” Filming the bride with her gown before she dons it, however, is a poignant and often emotional moment. “That moment that she's kind of alone and looking at her dress, I think it's a moment that shouldn't be missed,” Reed says.

2. The First Look

The first look is one of the most intimate moments of any wedding day, and Kirk Dapo of Clear Sky Video says that many couples opt to do a pre-ceremony first look in private—without the videographer. But he cautions against this idea, explaining that brides and grooms can later regret not capturing this moment. If you long for privacy but still want the image for posterity, ask your videographer to shoot from a distance, using a longer lens, to give you and your spouse-to-be some space.

3. The Grand Entrance

Newlywed Trisha Merker, who married James on Aug. 6, 2016, loved that Brett Loves Elle captured the reactions of her guests when she entered the room. After all, you'll likely be so focused on your honey at the end of the aisle, you might forget to take a look around at the faces of your guests.

4. The Dancing

Capturing a variety of atmospheres on the big day, from tender moments to ones of pure celebration, makes for a diverse wedding video. On the latter end, dancing shots add levity after viewing crying through ceremonies, toasts and the like.

5. The Sunset

The Merkers note that one moment that they didn't think of capturing until their videographer suggested it at their reception was the sunset. “I was more concerned about eating my meal, but we had a special moment and I'm glad we did, because seeing the sun go down on that day was not only a moment of joy that the day was coming to an end, it was also a symbol of our beginning,” James recalls.