Everything you need to know about submitting your wedding for consideration in the magazine

Have you ever flipped through the pages of Columbus Weddings or clicked through our site and wondered how these awesome local couples get their photos featured with us? Well, we’re spilling our secrets today—read on to learn how you can see your upcoming (or recent!) wedding in our magazine.

First things first: We are Columbus Weddings. That means your wedding needs to take place in the greater Central Ohio area. There’s a little bit of wiggle room on what we define as “Central Ohio,” but for the most part, our boundaries are Marysville to the northwest, Delaware to the north, Newark to the east, Lancaster to the southeast, Circleville to the south and London to the west.

OK, your wedding is in our range. Great! The next key factor is your photographer. If you’ve read the photo credits in our issues, you might notice a lot of the same names appearing over and over. Those folks are our partner photographers. Hire one of those folks, and you’ve cleared the next step! Already have a photographer who isn’t a partner? Or maybe you’re just not sure? No problem. Just have him or her reach out to our editor (that’s me!) at ehenterly@columbusweddingsmag.com for details.

Finally, let your photographer know that you are interested in having your wedding submitted! Partner photographers are allowed to submit multiple weddings to each issue, so if you express interest, odds are good that you can sneak into that list. You’ll fill out a form that gives us all the deets on your day, and you’ll be set.

But wait! My wedding already happened and it wasn’t submitted.

Fear not, young newlywed. You can still be featured in the Our Favorite Photo series that runs on our blog each Tuesday. There are no strings attached to that—literally anyone can have their photos featured. Wedding was last year, or 10 years ago, or 50 years ago? No problem. Submit your top shots at bit.ly/FavoritePhoto, and make sure you check here each Tuesday to see if your pic is picked.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the winter/spring 2017-18 issue this month, which means the submission process for the issue after that will open soon. Don’t forget to talk to your photographer about your chance to be featured!