2538 Onandaga Dr., Upper Arlington

CHBC LLC from Bermuda Breeze Ltd.


4181 Reynoldsburg-New Albany Rd., New Albany

McHenry, Scott R. and Allison A. from Lafferty, Stephanie M., trustee


8492 Deep Run, Powell

Schoettmer, David K. and Laura A. from Kunchal, David K. and Stephanie H.


7786 Brandon Rd., New Albany

Farr, Paul V. and Chin, Leslie from Comisar, Bruce Rodney Jr. and Kimberly C.


1677 Riverstone Dr., Delaware

Parisian, Jennifer Daune and Jeffrey from Wollenberg, Daniel L. and Nancy A.


14 Wiveliscombe, New Albany

Arrese, Loni and David from Whitaker, Raymond C. III and Sandra J.


2254 Onandaga Dr., Upper Arlington

2254 Onandaga LLC from SJY Investment Holdings LLC


2389 Colts Neck Rd., Blacklick

Gooden, Bradley and Carina from Goldberg, Morris B. and Heather S.


2148 Yorkshire Rd., Upper Arlington

Griffith, William A. and Elizabeth M. from Symer, David E. and Gillison, Maura L.


184 S. Parkview Ave., Bexley

McCabe, Timothy N. and Heidi Flinn from Fischer, Joseph A. and Johnson, Larry W.


1847 White Oak Dr., Delaware

Fetter, Victor P. III and Heather B. from Odegard, John D. and Paula R. Kvasager


2410 Cambridge Blvd., Upper Arlington

Dodson, William Fitzgerald and Kucharski, Anna K. from Favret, Philip M. and Joy R.


1527 Kearney Way, Delaware

Smillie, Richard P. and Williford, Brienne from Hurlburt, Michael F., trustee


7825 Fenway Rd., New Albany

Gevas, Ernest J. and Kelli M. from Katz, Jill E. and Allen C.


4347 Brompton Ct., New Albany

Ahmad, Ejaz and Kauser J. from Kish, John S. and Deborah L.


2324 Oxford Rd., Upper Arlington

Milks, Michael W. and Kathryn S. from Gould, Robert W. and Robin E.


2164 Elgin Rd., Upper Arlington

Stone, Jeffrey C. from Cullman, Nancy V.


5527 Via Alvito Dr., Westerville

Rano, Teresita C. and Richard J. II from Allison, Elliott and Lorrie, trustees


150 Ashbourne Rd., Bexley

O’Brien, Thaddeus J. and Sharon J. from Meyer, Nancy S.


2389 Fair Ave., Bexley

Goodman, Joseph K. and Seline Ayse Malkoc from Rosen, Lisa A.


324 Drexel Ave., Bexley

Miller, Mark and Kimberly from Hess, Lee H.


590 Keyes Ln., Worthington

Allchin, Bonnie M., trustee, from Hutchins, Ann M., trustee


4125 Clairmont Rd., Upper Arlington

Coffman, John C. and Julie H. from Dygert, Kimberly L.


215 E. North Broadway, Columbus

Cacciatore, Mark and Belinda from Schwartz, Wade W. and Sarah A.


2226 Bryden Rd., Bexley

Conley, Amy E. from McCabe, Heidi F. and Timothy N.

As provided by the Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.