A recent college grad creates a lingerie line with women in mind.

On the cusp of their 23rd birthdays, most millennial women are struggling to find their places as they emerge from the cocoon of college into the real, working world.

Abigail Slone is not most millennials.

When a back injury rendered the former professional ballet dancer unable to sit for long periods of time—making a traditional office job all but impossible—Slone moved in with her parents and immediately got to work on her own. Within months of graduating with a psychology degree from OSU this May, Slone had launched Willow Layne Lingerie, an online retailer of bralettes and bras (and a few shades of nail polish) based here in Columbus.

Created “by women, for women,” Willow Layne’s pieces are meant to be comfortable and visible, not removed. If you’re reading this, you likely have a ring on that finger, but Slone wants the world to know that her lingerie is made for the wearer, not her partner.

“I wanted to create something that tells other women that you have the right to feel sexy and confident and pretty,” regardless of your relationship status, Slone explains. The inspiration for the unconventional sentiment about clothing items traditionally designed for male consumption on a female body? The Office, of course. Slone was watching the “Women’s Appreciation” episode of the series when inspiration struck.

“It’s actually my favorite episode,” she says. In it, lead character Michael Scott takes the women of his office to Victoria’s Secret in a genuine, if awkward, attempt to show them his appreciation. Pam Beasley makes a comment about being “between boyfriends” to justify her selection of a dowdy bathrobe instead of something sexy. “I was really sad when I heard that, because I [thought] every woman deserves to feel sexy and pretty, even if she doesn’t have a partner,” Slone explains.

Most lingerie isn’t created with women’s comfort in mind, she adds, and that was problematic for her. “When you’re comfortable, that’s when you’re most confident. And when you’re confident, I believe that’s when you can really exude what real sexiness is.”

When it comes to wedding-night lingerie, we think a more traditional teddy or bra-and-panty set from Victoria’s Secret may suit. (If you’re fortunate enough to avoid the corset/Spanx combo, that is.) But for your bachelorette party? Shower? Honeymoon? Plain ol’ date night? Slone’s lineup of adorable bralettes are perfect and, as she says, made to be seen.

Willow Layne Lingerie will have its launch party this Wednesday—on Slone’s 23rd birthday, in fact—where the retailer will make an exciting announcement regarding brand-specific designs. Make sure you follow us on social (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to stay up to date on those details. Until then, you can shop the brand’s existing inventory at willowlaynelingerie.com.