189 E. Deshler Ave., Columbus

Douglass, Jana L. from Michael, Melinda V.


1348 Guilford Rd., Delaware

Kane, John J. and Love, Michele S. from Weston, Arthur and Kristin


3117 Asbury Dr., Upper Arlington

Smith, Vincent II and Schrader, Kathleen from Compass Homes Inc.


7150 Greensward Rd., New Albany

Linscott, Justin T. and Yu Jin from Chatas, Catherine K.


6889 Chiswick Ct., Columbus

Neviaser, Andrew S. and Jennifer C. from Shields, Aidan 

H. and Patricia A.


10126 Concord Rd., Dublin

Mullady, Erin L. from Pickett, Jacqueline L.


4574 Hull Farm Ln., Upper Arlington

Stahl, David and Bixel, Kristin from Paragon Building Group Ltd.


8354 Deep Run, Powell

Sirak, John H. and Bridget R. from Gamble, Mark B. 

and Cathy


7379 Milton Ct., New Albany

Hasan, Farhana from Patrick, Guy K. and Tracy L.


9830 Heron Dr., Thornville

Haire, Ryan C. and Gitzel, Susan J. from 9830 Heron Drive LLC


2135 Elgin Rd., Upper Arlington

Liles, Scott and Quigley, Maureen E. from Giertz, David 

L. and Eve A. Hollywood


47 W. Third Ave., Columbus

Lawton, Seth R. and Sprite, Reid L. from O’Brien, Thaddeus J.


4320 Woodhall Rd., Upper Arlington

Brisker, Kelly and Peter from Edgin, Roberta A.


439 S. Parkview Ave., Bexley

Santry, Heena and Francis Timothy from Spinelli, Sandra and Weiland, Frederick


3832 Coldwater Loop, Powell

Leichman, Jeffrey and Melissa from Bob Webb Lakes Edge LLC


3946 Riverview Dr., Columbus

Soder, Janelle M., trustee, from Graham, David M.


4888 McGinnis Rd., Delaware

Koestler, Barry J. II and Wilkins, Rachel from Rider, Kelly A.


2029 Wickford Rd., Upper Arlington

Coil, Richard D. Jr. and Shannon F. from Goodman, Joseph K. and Selin Malkoc


2350 Lane Rd., Upper Arlington

Thackeray, Jonathan D. and Jaclyn A. from Saad, Brandon


2525 Slate Run Rd., Upper Arlington

Powell, David M. from Cenname, August A.


7284 Wilton Chase, Dublin

Peoples, Josh A. and Tiffany D. from Majni, Chris and Jamie


2269 Dauer Ct., Powell

Tyler, Matthew J. and Amy C. from Colbert, Kevin M. and Lisa H.


788 Mohawk St., Columbus

Wilson, Amy from Dunn, James Russell Jr.


13970 Tollgate Rd., Pickerington

Santonio Holmes Enterprises LLC from Washburn, John D.


3475 River Seine St., Columbus

Jatana, Courtney A. from Fontaine, Richard A.

As provided by the Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.