The cult favorite makes a splash with exclusive offerings

If you’re the type to keep up with the latest in makeup trends, you’re probably no stranger to the wonders of ColourPop. The affordable, online-only retailer of ultra-pigmented shadows, long-wearing lip products and wide range of highlight and blush shades just launched an exclusive, limited-time-only collection at Sephora.

Eight online products—several of which are available at the Easton and Polaris brick-and-mortar stores—mostly sticks to ColourPop’s bread and butter: shadows and lips. The full collection consists of two all-shimmer eyeshadow palettes, a set of six Super Shock Shadow singles (say that seven times fast), an individual Super Shock Shadow in three shades, a lip gloss trio, a lip set with two Ultra Satin Lips and a gloss, a Super Shock Highlighter trio and a “crystal-infused” kit with setting spray, liquid highlighter and lip balm.

I already owned a few ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip and Ultra Matte Lip colors, as well as several eyeshadow singles; I ordered the You’re A Gem Lip Trio to give the gloss try while also getting two of my favorite-formula liquid lip products. For those who haven’t tried the gloss yet: wait no more. In fact, I have a browser window open to order the Feelin’ Fine Lip Gloss Trio as I type.

The rest of the collection, at a glance, looks hit-or-miss to me. I don’t buy into the claim that the Amber Crystal kit will bring a “calming energy” when used, but the products are enticing enough from an aesthetic standpoint that I might give it a try. For $20, what’s there to lose? The Legit AF highlighter trio doesn’t appeal to me at all; I’d certainly never wear the purple-toned highlight, and the other two look very similar to what’s already in my collection. But Wisp could be a dupe for Becca’s often-coveted Champagne Pop, so it could be worth a look for that alone.

For shadows, I was a little disappointed by the palettes. I don’t understand the point of making a palette with all shimmer shades—for me at least, a matte or two is absolutely necessary—but if that’s what you’re looking for, each one offers a distinct and quality array of hues. The Polite AF collection of Super Shock Shadow singles is right up my alley—pinks, purples and a gold—but again, I already own a lot of similar shades. And the actual singles look mostly fabulous: there’s Fluffy, described as a warm gold with subtle pink duochrome (yaaaas!); Revolution, a silver mauve with pink and silver glitter (alright alright); and Bouncy, a “cool-toned bronze with gold and violet duochrome” that reads more green to my eye and isn’t really my cup of tea.

In terms of local availability, it looks like you can find only the Golden State of Mind palette at Central Ohio Sephora stores, and the Feelin’ Fine gloss trio is online-only. The rest of the collection is available at select Sephora stores nationwide.