Rick Ziliak is often found greeting and seating guests at the Grandview restaurant he owns, Z Cucina di Spirito.

The Upper Arlington resident plans to balance his time between Grandview and Z Cucina's second location when it opens this spring in Dublin's Bridge Park. We found out where the restaurant veteran likes to eat. Spoiler: Convenience is a factor.

Carryout: Aab India Restaurant. “My wife often does the ordering when we get carryout there. We eat the chicken masala with naan. And we like the roasted potato dish, as well. It's right down the street from our restaurant, so it's convenient.”

Fine Dining: The Refectory Restaurant & Wine Shop. “It isn't just for special occasions. We go to the bistro and have that menu. We'll go to the music series, and that's a whole other experience. I love their fine dining and the level of food and service, but it's not always something we plan out for three weeks. Sometimes we go there with very little notice.”

Cocktail Bar: Watershed Kitchen & Bar. “It's cool. It's been exciting to see them open the restaurant to complement the great facility. The food is great, and it's well thought out, and it's a fun place. It's close to our house, as well.”

Comfort Food: South of Lane. “We walk there on nice days. The owners are great people, and they're super kind. I tend to get the Brick House Burrito. It's filling, has chili, and all the flavors go well together.”