For many families, the holidays mean it's tamale season. Laborious to make and usually produced in great quantities, Mexican tamales are a dish commonly enjoyed at celebrations.

These cornhusk- or banana leaf-wrapped packages of steamed masa and savory fillings are among the most ancient of Mesoamerican foods enjoyed today. With the holiday season upon us, tamales are increasingly popping up in Mexican restaurants across the city, with some offering them year-round.

Plaza Tapatia, a market/restaurant located across from Hollywood Casino, carries tamales consistently and includes sweet tamales in its repertoire. Dos Hermanos in the North Market wraps its tamales in banana leaves (southern Mexico-style) and offers a variety of fillings, such as pork and chicken, that change daily; it also offers vegan tamales. La Poblanita taco truck offers tamales everyFridayandSaturday. Its red or green sauce tamales, featuring a pleasingly moist and light texture, are worth seeking out.