A workout guide based on your gown's design

A search for “wedding workout” on Google returns 65 million websites and videos about how to get the perfect bod for your big day. But even if you're happy with your weight, and you know that Kate Moss's old “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” motto is patently untrue—seriously, has she ever tasted pizza?—you may still find yourself wishing to tone up certain areas based on the gown you'll be rocking. We compiled this easy guide to help you decide what areas to target, and how.

Upper Body

Design Element

Target Area

Workout Regimen



Hit that pull-up bar, girl. This one move will work all the major muscle groups, plus your core. Can't quite swing it? Fear not: A row machine or weight routine works well, too.

Halter/high neck


Drop and give us 20! Pushups will give you great definition in your upper arms and back, without creating Regina George's dreaded “man-shoulders.”

Open/illusion back


Tone your back and shoulders for this bare-all style. Row and lat pull-down machines are great, as are free-weight exercises like the dumbbell row.

Lower Body


Target Area

Workout Regimen



Because a ballgown's shape hides the glutes and thighs but accentuates the bust and waist, you'll want to focus on toning your middle. Crunches and Pilates are great for your core, as is cardio of any type.



This silhouette is all about the booty, baby. Squat until your thighs can't take it, then squat some more. Throw in a few crunches to slim the waist and make your derrière pop.



If you want to show off your gams, be prepared to spin until your heart's ready to explode. We know—spin class is the actual worst, but it'll give you shapely calves in no time.