How one man tricked his significant other into planning her own proposal.

There aren’t many who can say they planned their surprise proposal. Even fewer can say that they planned their own surprise proposal. But Lynsey Harris is one of them.

Nearly two years ago, Jim Pipino walked up to Lynsey Harris at a local tavern with the line: “Hi, I’m Jim.” Though it wasn’t much in the way of pickup lines, it was more than enough to earn him a date with Harris.

Harris wasn’t expecting a proposal until the latter half of 2018, but Pipino had a shorter timeline in mind; he began planning to pop the question last June 2017. Around the same time, Harris got the idea to plan a weekend trip with family and friends for Pipino’s 30th birthday in November. Pipino secretly decided that this day, too, would be his proposal.

“In my mind,” Harris recalls, “I thought together that we had come up with a plan to just go to Hocking Hills for a weekend.” But her soon-to-be fiancé was one step ahead.

Though he pretended to let Harris call the shots, Pipino secretly was “planting seeds” in her head, as Harris puts it. He had Harris browse cabins for the weekend, but privately went out himself and picked a place to gently steer her toward. And as Harris began inviting their friends, Pipino texted them separately to fill them in on the surprise.

Harris had a surprise of her own … or so she thought.

“I started, behind his back, reaching out to his friends … [to create] challenges,” Harris tells. She constructed a secret scavenger hunt, composed of 30 tasks from Pipino’s friends and family members. Little did Harris know that by creating this scavenger hunt, she was in fact setting the stage for her own proposal.

During the scavenger hunt, Harris filmed each task as Pipino completed it. When the time came for Pipino’s sister’s task—climbing a tree and tying a few knots in an homage to Pipino’s time as an Eagle Scout—Harris had her camera phone at the ready.

As Harris filmed, Pipino nervously showed off his knot-tying skills. When he began to struggle with one in particular, he reached into his pocket. Although Harris thought it was to grab his phone and Google the answer, it was something a little smaller.

Harris remembers: “He said ‘Lyns, I have one request. Will you help me tie this final knot that I’ve been thinking about for a long time?’ ” Out came the ring box.

Also stashed away was a photographer friend of Pipino’s, who hid in a nearby Port-a-Potty before capturing photos of the newly-engaged duo. (Talk about dedication.) Back at the cabin, Harris discovered that the friends who stayed during the hunt behind had swapped the birthday decorations to those for an engagement party.

“I’ve never had something flipped on me so hard,” Harris says. “I had no idea.”

As surprised as Harris was to be surprised, it was a happy day. After Pipino finished his scavenger hunt, the two spent the rest of the day celebrating with those closest to them.

Pipino and Harris are planning a 2018 wedding.