Time it just right and you could luck into a Sunday evening treat of succulent beef ribs for half price at Smoked on High. It's a bounty but also a gamble—when the meat is gone, it's gone. Such is the world of genuine barbecue, where supply is limited by the painstaking action of the smoke, anywhere from eight to 15 hours depending on the meat of choice. One night's discount is another night's dejected trip elsewhere.

This is the purist's dream of founder Max McGarity, who previously ran the Buckeye Back Ribs and Papaya BBQ food trucks. Last summer, he opened Smoked on High inside a converted Victorian-style house in the Brewery District. A quick-service counter offers four standard meat options—chicken drumsticks, pulled pork, brisket and pork spareribs. There are sides—cornbread, coleslaw and Max N Cheese—and three sauces: Pucker (sweet and spicy), Gator Sauce (Carolina style) and Sweet Whiskey BBQ.

During one fall visit, the cashier snaps a photo of a customer's overflowing tray. It's savvy social media fodder, but there's also a sense of awe at this monument of meat—one juicy beef rib, a rack of pork ribs and a hefty serving of brisket. It's better to capture it before it's gone.

Order Up: Beef ribs

Only available on Sundays, probably because they're sacred.