A photo shoot during your bachelor(ette) weekend can capture a special time in style.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are synonymous with pre-wedding fun. Throw in a photo shoot of your best guys or girls, and you can make the memories last a lifetime.

“Your life together [with your fiancé] includes the two of you, but it also includes the friends and family who make you who you are,” says Erica Ott, lead wedding photographer for Rick Buchanan Photography. “There's a reason we include those people in our weddings. Celebrating them before the wedding is a great idea.”

Whether you want a few candids snapped before you head out for the night or a full photo shoot to serve as your weekend's main event, location is key. Try to pick a location that's:

Meaningful to you as a couple

“Share the experiences that you've had as a couple with the people who matter most in your life,” Ott recommends. Take your group hiking on the trails where you got engaged or fishing at a spot nearby. The photo shoot can double as an activity you would do during your weekend anyway.

Meaningful to your friends

Did you all go to college together? Find a spot at your alma mater that reminds you of the days when you bonded as besties, like an ice cream shop you'd hit up every Sunday, the outdoor student greenspace where you'd meet after class or the volleyball court outside your old dorm.

Vetted by your photographer

Your photographer has planned a lot more of these than you have. He or she has a whole list of locations that work for group shoots, whatever their vibe. Discuss what you're looking for in a backdrop and your photographer will probably have a great recommendation for you.

Reflective of the wedding

Ott recalls a couple who threw a combined bachelor and bachelorette party weekend in New Orleans. “Their wedding was going to have a New Orleans feel to it. After they kissed, there was a parade down the aisle with a band and umbrellas and white handkerchiefs.” Even if an out-of-state trip isn't in the cards, take the vibe as inspiration and host a photo shoot inspired by the tone of your ceremony and reception. If your wedding will be an elegant black-tie affair, try a dramatically lit photo shoot at your future venue, complete with colorful ball gowns (hello, thrift store treasures) and fancy props.