Real newlyweds give wedding planning tips based on their experience.

Aureyl and Stefan Thomas’ wedding took place on Dec. 12, 2015, at the Westin Columbus, with a reception at High Line Car House.

What are you happy you spent money on?

Photography/videography and amazing venues.

What do you think you could have done without?

We were pretty decisive up front, so there wasn't anything we would have changed.

What was your biggest surprise when planning your wedding?

We were surprised at the number of attendees at the wedding, reception and afterparty. Most people tell you to plan for about 75 percent of your invitees, but nearly 90 percent of our list showed up.

Did you experience any wedding-day snafus, and how did you handle them?

Aureyl: Yes. Our party bus, which was responsible for transporting us, the bridal party and our photographers to locations for post-ceremony shots, had mechanical issues and didn't show. I just rolled with it, while my groom, our best man and wedding coordinators found solutions. My photographers scrambled to location-scout within walking distance, and we made it work.

Any dress shopping advice?

Aureyl: Don't take a lot of people, and trust your gut.

What about menswear?

Stefan: If you can, go custom.

Do you have any general advice for couples currently planning their weddings?

This day is about the bride and groom. Everyone is attending to celebrate your union. Create your own traditions and do away with the ones that bear no significance to you. There is nothing more gratifying than reflecting on a day where every aspect was a true representation of what you wanted. Our ability to make it our own, without the influence of others' opinions and expectations, is what allows us to reflect on it with no regrets.

Do you have any general marriage advice, as a newlywed?

Create your own rules. Align early on what your expectations are or aren't of each other and maintain openness with each other.