305 S. Lambton Green, New Albany

Kass, David E. & Cari J. from Deaguiar, Rolando & Bertha


1640 Daventry Lane, Powell

Patel, Yogesh & Purviksha from Landers, Mary M.


655 City Park Ave., Columbus

Arnold, Kimberly from Dillon, Roderick H. Jr.


9098 Tartan Fields Dr., Dublin

Valerio, Daniel & Carrie from Austin, Douglas F.


264 Drexel Ave., Bexley

Carlisle, Brian K. & Elizabeth from Shenk, Charles H. 
& Joyce R.


2355 Onandaga Dr., Upper Arlington

Monahan, Christopher J. & Emily E. from Kemmerer, R. Todd & Sawhill, Laurel P.


6265 Dublin Granville Rd., New Albany

Flickinger, Russell & Michelle A. from Steele, Deanna 
& William A.


280 S. Parkview Ave., Bexley

Hobbs, Edward B. & Sparks, Krista R. from Erlij, 
Rebecca Eugenia


344 N. Columbia Ave., Bexley

Croffoot-Suede, Lance & Kimberly from Dotson, Robert S. and Anne M.


3812 Riverview Dr., Upper Arlington

Shinoka, Toshiharu & Keiko from Close, Stephen P.


10824 Winchcombe Dr., Dublin

Landers, Mary M., trustee, from Pickens, John Carol


4703 Cranleigh Ct., Dublin

McCarrell, Michael P. & Kimberly J. from Fleming, John T. & Suzanne


2297 Fairfax Rd., Upper Arlington

Skellan, Matthew & Mackenzie from Gupta, Jay A.


8047 S. Crossgate Ct., Dublin

Mesewicz, Mark & Rainiedey from Lee, William R. & Linda P.


77 Stanbery Ave., Bexley

Kauffman, Stephen J. & Carol L. from Mendes, Godfrey F. & Mitali


2477 Coventry Rd., Upper Arlington

Windisch, Amberly Kay & Michael P. from Patrick, Jason W. & Lauri A.


2522 Shepherd Ct., Powell

Mastrangelo, Joseph C. & Janet from Randall, Lori J. 
& Melvin Lee


300 Drexel Ave., Bexley

O’Reilly, Jill M., trustee, from Koon, Sharon R.


649 Mohawk St., Columbus

Barone, Joseph J., trustee, from Hilaman, Annette P.


5646 Glenbervie Ct., Dublin

Strine, Nathan C. & Alexis M. from Hunnell, Carl M. 
& Anne M.


200 Ashbourne Rd., Bexley

Rai, Vivek & Vinati Gujral from Carlisle, Brian & Elizabeth


44, 52 E. Fourth Ave., Columbus

Springhills of Gallipolis LLC from Burwell Investments LLC


2188 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

McCann, Steven E. & Dristine L. from Kellogg, Timothy M. & Janet M.


4512 Ravine Dr., Westerville

West, Jonathan M. & Yao, Quan from Strine, Nathan C. 
& Alexis M.


2598 Camden Rd., Upper Arlington

Lindsey, David E. & Loryn M. from Landerman, Susan

As provided by the Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.