Working in a fashion space provides plenty of inspiration.

Jennifer Peterson hasbeen the chief executive of Easton Town Center for two and a half years. After spending a career in brand marketing andfashion, she weighs in on inspiration and current trends.

In one sentence, can you sum up your personal fashion philosophy? Look great with as little effort as possible.

Does working at Easton inspire your aesthetic sense? If so, how? Absolutely, being in a beautiful environment with world-class fashion all around me is definitely inspiring. I also get inspiration from our public art installations, incredible landscaping and seasonal décor, architecture, and, for sure, the people-watching.

I'm sure you have relationships with every retailer at Easton. Is there one brand that you like to wear best or is it dangerous to play favorites? I love all my “children,” so can't play favorites. Between me and my family members (two teenaged daughters, a 12-year-old son and my husband), I am sure we've hit up every store [at least once] for a purchase since I've been here.

You were part of building the Pink brand for Victoria's Secret a few years back. What was your takeaway from that experience? Well, it was a few more than a few. It was an incredible experience to be part of building a brand from the beginning. With this special one, the fact that we were 1,000-percent focused on a college-aged sophomore [as the target audience] was one of my favorite parts, as this is an age that is full of fun, hope, optimism and a belief that you can do and achieve anything. It was very nostalgic to spend so much time on college campuses, I loved it.

There's a rumor that you also were involved in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in some way. What was your role? Any takeaways there? So, that is a funny question if anyone would think this suggests that I was in the show. Definitely not, ha! I worked on the marketing and digital strategy for several shows, which was very fun and even more fun to actually be there during the filming. Every model—[Victoria's Secret] Angel—could not have been nicer. This is something most people would not know or believe is true, but it is.

Do you expect that digital shopping will really replace storefronts in the future? Nope!

In your free time at Easton, do you ever build a bear? We built many a bear in our past, but sadly our kids have outgrown this stage.

Favorite color to wear? My favorite color is orange, but it's hard to find good pieces that suit me in this vibrant hue. I would say I am a gray girl.

Favorite style for the coming spring? Whether they are in or not, I always love stripes. It's even better if they are having a fashion moment, which they will this spring.

Ripped jeans or not? Not a look for me. I like to look and feel forever young, but not like a teenager.

You are a University of Michigan graduate. Any regrets? Well, I can't really wear my Go Blue swag in this town, which is a bummer. I am born and raised in Ohio, so happy to root for OSU all season, except for that one game.