Local bridal boutique White of Dublin is the first in Ohio to carry the Hollywood designer's gowns.

The Midwest might have a reputation of being slow to the curve when it comes to fashion, but Columbus—consistently ranked the third fashion capital in the country after New York and Los Angeles—flips that stereotype on its head. Case in point: Central Ohio bridal boutique White of Dublin has begun carrying wedding gowns from red carpet designer Mark Zunino.

 “We really like to have exclusive designers, exclusive looks,” says Heather DiMasi, owner of White of Dublin. The shop is currently the exclusive seller of the line in Ohio; in fact, only three other stores in the entire Midwest are authorized to sell Mark Zunino gowns.

Fans of popular TV show Say Yes to the Dress will recognize the name that Kleinfeld’s brides often ask for; in fact, Mark Zunino gowns were previously exclusive to the New York store.

But that all changed last year, when the designer showed a line of gowns at the bridal market last October, explains DiMasi. Now for the first time ever, brides don’t have to make the haul to New York just to get their hands on a Mark Zunino.

The gowns arrived at White of Dublin in March, and now DiMasi is eager to begin showcasing them. “They’re beautiful,” she says.

But there’s an added bonus, too. The Mark Zunino gowns are now not only easier for brides to find, but also easier to afford.

“His goal was to keep things very high -end, very couture-looking, but to minimize the price point to make his gowns accessible for every bride,” says DiMasi. “Where his gowns used to start right around the $5,000 to $6000 mark, now you can … get a Mark Zunino gown anywhere from $2,000 up to $4,000.”

DiMasi plans to carry the gowns for as long as local brides continue to want them, which she says could be “indefinitely.”

“For us, it’s very special to know that he’s able to bring those designs at a more accessible price point, and we’re able to have them here,” she adds.