Now in Bexley, Kittie's stretches its repertoire beyond sweets.

One thing is for sure: Kittie's Café in Bexley is made for reading. The quaint, four-table café on East Main Street is an idyllic place to hunker down with a coffee, a snack and a book. And with Gramercy Books directly adjacent and the Bexley Public Library across the street, books are close at hand.

Kittie's décor resembles not so much a reading nook as a Southern California surf shop with its art, surfboard sticker takeaways and hip, blue-and-white-tiled floor. In a city rife with Edison bulbs and tabouret bar stools, the concept is refreshing, though a little '60s surfer rock could go a long way in driving the idea home.

This second location of German Village-based Kittie's Cakes ventures into savory territory, although with a limited menu. The small service counter is home to sweets (baked in the original location), Stumptown coffee, two breakfast sandwiches, two lunch sandwiches, wine and cocktails. (All of which pair well with a book.) The carb- and sweet-heavy menu begs for a salad or soup option.

Because Kittie's originated in 2013 as a cupcake shop, the sweets are where the café shines. If you enjoy something sugary with your Stumptown latte in the morning, Kittie's iced cinnamon roll ($4) is the way to go. (In a taste test last year, this magazine named it the best cinnamon roll in town.) Meanwhile, the two-bite S'More Cupcake ($2.25) is stunning, with a toasted marshmallow perched atop a chocolate cake awash with chunks of dense surprise chocolate, which is the best kind of chocolate. And daily specialty cupcakes inspired by things like Texas sheet cake and York Peppermint Patties are a good reason to return with every trip to the library.

Both egg sandwiches take creative license with Kittie's biscuits. One adds sesame seeds, poppy seeds and garlic salt (the best parts of an everything bagel) to a flaky biscuit—a genius idea ($5.50). And the second—which features sausage ($6.50)—is kissed with maple, transforming the sandwich into a Tee Jaye's breakfast sampler all in one bite. Despite the clever flavors, on my visits a few execution flaws—like pieces of eggshell and undercooked biscuits—dampened my enthusiasm for the breakfast sandwiches.

I'd opt for the Mediterranean Melt ($7). The sandwich features a decadent quantity of tangy, feta-laden olive tapenade on a pair of warm pieces of focaccia. Cold tomato slices and crisp cucumber coins tie everything together.