Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

Yesterday, we posted a story to our main website about setting the scene in wedding portraits and how important a good backdrop is. That story was inspired, in part, by one of our (many, many) favorite photos in the current issue; as it turns out, that photo was among the favorites of the couple in it, too.

That wasn’t the only area where our tastes overlapped with those of Ben and Rylie Meer, the couple pictured. The last photo in the issue, which we call the “Happily Ever After” image, was another of Ben and Rylie’s faves, as were the photos they took at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. “It was where we met for our first date,” Ben explains. Several of those shots can be found in our current issue, too.

Ben and Rylie said “we do” at St. Christopher’s Church on Dec. 17, 2016, with a reception following at dock580. You can read more about their big day in their Real Wedding Wednesday feature here, and scroll through the photos above to see the images the Meers—and Columbus Weddings staffers—all loved.

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