Celebrating the couples from our most recent issue on their anniversaries

Today we’re sending a hearty congratulations to three couples who had anniversaries over the weekend!

First up is Danielle and Craig Van Aelst, whose first anniversary was Saturday, April 28. The pair tied the knot in what Danielle calls a “vintage book-lovers’ fairy-tale-esque” ceremony at the Kelton House Museum & Garden. “It was so close to raining and the ceremony was outside in this beautiful garden,” Danielle remembers. “Everyone was terrified it would rain in the middle of everything, but we were so lucky that it held off just long enough!” You might recognize Danielle from her input in our Lessons Learned blog series; she and Craig also were featured in our story about doing good with your wedding vendor selections.

The second couple on our list of kudos is Kristen and Ryan Ross, who wed on April 29, 2017, at Rivercrest Farm in Dover, Ohio. If they look familiar, it’s probably because you’re a faithful reader of the Bustled blog: The Rosses were our Real Wedding Wednesday feature last week.

Finally, there’s Meagan and Andrew Sowders. We don’t want to give away too much about their beautiful wedding, which took place two years ago today at The Ivory Room, because they’ll be featured more fully in this week’s Real Wedding Wednesday. But if you’re the impatient type, never fear; we featured Andrew’s favorite image from their wedding in the Our Favorite Photo series. We also told the tale of their dramatic proposal near-disaster that—thankfully—turned out just fine in the end.