Tips for creating a hot reception soundtrack

You've undoubtedly labored over every detail to make your wedding day special. From the napkin colors to the venue itself, you've gone to great lengths to ensure the night goes off without a hitch (except getting hitched, of course). But once the “I do's” are done, it's up to the tunes to get your guests into party mode. Veteran wedding DJ David Kurtz of D&M DJ Entertainment has played hundreds of weddings, and he has a few tips to get everybody moving.

Start with your musts.

“You only have so much time in a night, so 20 ‘must-play' and 20 ‘play if possible' songs is a good start,” Kurtz says.

Line dances aren't always the enemy.

Yes, they're cheesy. But they work because people are so familiar with them. “If no one is dancing, playing the ‘Cupid Shuffle' usually gets [the guests] out of their seats,” Kurtz explains.

Allow the DJ to take requests … even if that terrifies you.

“If you don't consider your guests, you might as well not have a DJ,” Kurtz says. “There are so many different kinds of music, you just have to go with the flow and allow the DJ to play requests.”

Your loved ones know you best.

“At one wedding, the maid of honor mentioned how much the bride loved New Kids on the Block, but the bride didn't put that on her list at all,” Kurtz recalls. “Definitely ask the wedding party. You closest friends will have ideas you might not have thought of.”

It's about you and your new spouse, but …

“What is most important to you? Whatever you decide is going to dictate the music and the way the night will go,” Kurtz says. “If the bride and groom don't dance, it's going to be a tough night.”

Try to cater to everyone.

“A wedding is a family reunion, a cocktail party and a dance party,” Kurtz says. “The hard part is considering your family as a whole. You want to see Grandma and Grandpa on that dance floor having a good time just as much as your friends.”