Two shoe experts offer some advice.

Easton Shoes, 1880 W. Henderson Road, has been a family business for Lenny and Marcia Comeras for 25 years. More than a shoe store, the couple takes pride in the fact that they know feet and they employ others who will help you find comfortable shoes.

How did the two of you get into the shoe business together? How long have you been married?

We met through a mutually known shoe dog and then merged our expertise. [Editor's note: A shoe dog is someone who has spent his or her life selling shoes.] We've been married long enough to know we made the right choice. Lenny is the blue suede shoe to Marcia's dancing shoes.

What's new in shoe style that we need to know about these days?

Colorful sneakers, feminine heels, biker boots and embellishments everywhere.

What do you wish everyone knew about their feet before they walked into your store?

They're the foundation of your soul [sole]. Shoe size is not a science, it's an art.

Spring always seems to be a difficult season when it comes to finding the right pair of shoes that fit well. What's a trick we need to know about staying stylish, but being comfortable once we shed our boots?

Spring, like fall, winter and summer is never tricky. The treat is wearing stylish, high quality shoes that fit well.

Sometimes you have shoe events at your store. Can you explain what happens when you have a guest designer?

Easton Shoes has a party to celebrate the new creations of each designer. A favorite event is when we have the Thierry Rabotin party, when shoes can be custom-made with different colors, materials and heel heights.

Your store focuses on comfort. Is there general advice that you can provide to everyone about shoe shopping?

Fit is everything!All shoes fit differently. Size and shape of feet change throughout your life. Have both feet measured. Try shoes on before purchasing. The perfect accessory is a shoe that fits and is comfortable. Find your own style.

How is your store different from shoe areas in local department stores?

At Easton Shoes you will be professionally fitted with handcrafted shoes to meet your lifestyle. We shop the world markets at least four times a year to find exclusive designs for our customers. Our boutique also sells sterling silver jewelry, gift items and accessories, socks and scarves, and many other items hand-made by skilled artisans.