Drones are giving couples a whole new perspective.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a throwaway bouquet! At more and more modern weddings, that thing in the sky is actually a drone. If you want to see the next big thing in wedding videography, look up, because couples are setting their sights higher than ever.

Drones have officially entered the wedding picture, giving couples a panoramic view of the wedding day that few have seen before.

“It's the sprinkles on the cupcake,” says Nathan Schivley, owner of Columbus Wedding Videos. Vital? Probably not. But it's an eye-catching way to differentiate your wedding video from everyone else's, he says, noting that he loves to include dramatic aerial views of the venue or the grand exit from the church in packages he edits for couples.

Adding drone coverage to your wedding video often isn't a huge added cost, so it is something couple can easily consider. But while cost may not be a factor for some, location and regulations will be for all. Schivley notes that drones can't be used within 5 miles of an airport and often cannot be flown in downtown areas with high buildings. Also, keep in mind that drones are rather loud and can be a distraction to guests. Check with your videography company and venue site coordinator to see if the flying cameras will be allowed.

But if you're having an outdoor wedding and drones are a go for your venue, you can get a spectacular, big-picture view of your big day.