Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

What makes a photo a favorite? For some, it’s purely about how the photo looks. For others, it’s about a feeling the image evokes. And then there’s Amanda and Nego Jovanovich, who chose one of each.

“Based on looks alone, we have a photo of us under a train trestle with a beam of light shining down on us that we absolutely adore,” Amanda says. “But we have one other photo that we have decided is our favorite.” That photo, she continues, is less about aesthetics and more about the emotions of the moment it captured.

“Benjamin [Derkin, of Derk’s Works Photography] had led us outside during our cocktail hour, just the two of us, to take sunset photos. He asked us to start dancing in the parking lot, so we turned the song of our first dance on. That moment was our favorite moment of the day. It was the first time since being married that we were alone. It seemed to get quiet around us, time almost stopped and it started to sink in for both of us that we were actually married. It was a time for us just be with each other and embrace being newlyweds.”

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