Whether you're an old soul or a green crusader, registering for antiques is great for the environment.

Brides and grooms have decreased their weddings' environmental impact with eco-friendly flowers and e-invites. But as far as registries go, there's more work to be done—and registering for antique items could be the solution.

“The fact that when you're buying antique and you're buying locally, you're keeping things out of landfills ... that's a nice gesture and a nice message to send out, especially for a wedding,” says Ashley Puckett, owner of Victorian Village antique shop Opal Stackhouse.

The fact that antique shops typically only have one of each item usually takes them out of the picture when it comes to deciding where to register for wedding gifts. Venessa Williams, owner of Powell-based Blackberry Patch Antiques, says that's not a problem. She'll hold items up to a week without a deposit.

Since the span of time in which guests buy gifts typically is longer than that, Williams says creating a pen-and-paper wish list is not uncommon—and as items are sold, the Blackberry Patch staff will cross them off.

Puckett also offers a wish list option for couples, either online or in-store. And because a large quantity of Opal Stackhouse's stock can be found on its website, couples can use catchall registry sites such as myregistry.com, which link to items on retail sites that don't have their own in-house registry system.

While another local antique shop—Columbus Architectural Salvage near the Ohio State Fairgrounds—has never done a wedding registry for couples, store manager Molly Patterson says she'd be happy to accommodate anyone who wants one. Patterson notes that, like Opal Stackhouse and Blackberry Patch, items from the registry could be sold to shoppers other than wedding guests—but that leaves room for creative adjustments.

With antiques as options, now all that's left to do is curate your registries. Patterson suggests turning to Columbus Architectural Salvage for items like a claw-foot bathtub, mirrors or even a table made from a bowling alley. For rugs, lamps, vessels and other décor items, Opal Stackhouse is the way to go, and for kitchen towels and quilts, you may just find the perfect old ones to start your new life at Blackberry Patch Antiques.