Usually, everything with a wedding is planned out; everything is done according to a plan.

There were many wonderful moments throughout my wedding day; however, I'll always love this memory the most: The reception is over, the guests have gone home, and it's just me and my brand-new husband, sitting in the hotel room, eating cold steak and doughnuts in our PJs.

Everything that we had planned had been completed. The whole day went really well, but I hadn't really had a one-on-one moment with my husband. In our room, there wasn't this pressure of everything having to be perfect. It was just the end of the night, where we could just relax and be ourselves again.

In a wedding, you eat, but you don't really eat. I feel like neither of us had really had a good meal all day—we ate probably half of our dinner, which is why half was boxed up and taken up to our room with champagne and leftover doughnuts from dessert.

So I came out from changing into my PJs and Kevin was just sitting there on the couch in his boxers, eating the cold steak with his hands. He said, “This is the best steak I've ever had!” And I was like, “You know you can heat it up.” And he responded, “You don't even have to. It's so good.” I started laughing and said, “I want some now, too!” So I got myself some and there we were, just sitting on the couch, eating cold steak with bites of doughnut and sips of champagne in between.

Tari and Kevin Cook married on Dec. 31, 2016, at St. Charles Preparatory School's chapel.