10 Hawksmoor Dr., New Albany

Midland Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, from Sharfin, Ira A.


9 Highgrove Farms, New Albany

Hunter, Eric W. & Heather K., trustees, from Buss, Jessica


7105 Armscote End, New Albany

Kallner, Matthew G. from Grand Construction LLC


6042 E. Quin Abbey Ct., Dublin

Dorner, Brian from Waldron, Carla S.


7665 Serenity Dr., Dublin

Crakes, Patrick Joseph Jr. & Michelle Leib, trustees, from Barnum, Craig L. Jr. & Deanna


1701 Woodland Hall Dr., Delaware

Soderberg, Daniel T. & Jennifer M. from Umberger, Richard & Cara


2695 Sandover Rd., Upper Arlington

Weaver, Tristan E. & Diane N. from Meyers, Anita E.


2500 Stonehaven Pl., Upper Arlington

Dajusta, Rehana Y. & Daniel G. from Villalobos, Rafael E. & Letetia


2400 Wenbury Rd., Upper Arlington

Divittis, Lee Ann from Murphy, Deborah M.


10309 Mackenzie Way, Dublin

Wang, Deliang & Bai Ping from Morgan, John C. & Amista F.


8690 Hawick Ct., Dublin

Roby, Joel A. & Haileigh E. from Mercker, Kent F. & Julia M.


2641 Sandover Rd., Upper Arlington

Ware, Jason & Julia from Arthur, Matthew D. & Ann K.


5177 Rosalind Blvd., Powell

Huq, Hassan from Charbonneau, Donna C.


2064 Fairfax Rd., Upper Arlington

Robertson, Jason S. & Sara L. from Klecker, Rosemary J.


8414 Albanese Cir., Dublin

Anantaraman, Prakash & Lekshmi from Bob Webb Lewis LLC


1430 Cambridge Blvd., Marble Cliff

Roberts, Thomas Joseph III & Leary, Colleen from Evans, Daniel J. & Mary C.


6153 Deeside Dr., Dublin

Yennes, Seham M. & Harris, Jack W. from Nailor, Brian M. & Barbara A.


569 S. Sixth St., Columbus

Thomas, David L. & Thompson, Vincent J. from Hopple, Elden J. & Cynthia L.


8718 Shaffer Dr., Powell

Cobler, Michael R. & Sheri L. from Brown, Anissa Lynn, trustee


1936 Berkshire Rd., Upper Arlington

Lindsey, Spencer & Rachael N. Emde from Wallace, Robert G. & Carol H.


290 E. Sycamore St., Columbus

Choice, Denee R. & Sean from Sycamore Property Group


4227 Conklin Ct., New Albany

Doran, Perry W. II & Angela S. from Gentile, Joseph & Elizabeth A., trustees


6749 Burnett Ln., Dublin

Kan, Alexander K. & Marie Denise B. from Pan, Quintin & Kathleen R.


9482 Waterford Dr., Powell

Johnson, Mark & Cynthia from Romanelli and Hughes Building Company


3673 Pevensey Dr., Upper Arlington

Stafford, Matthew P.; Tucker, Christine; & Stafford, Elizabeth from Laylin, Carla J. & Jeffrey M.

As provided by The Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.