Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

Sometimes, when we ask newlyweds what their favorite photo is, we get an answer. Other times, we get a whole slew of them. Victoria Kuchno, who wed John Kuchno on Dec. 9, 2017, fell into the latter category.

The first photos that came to her mind were the ones taken between the ceremony and reception in front of the Ohio Statehouse, which remind her and John “what a Hallmark day it was,” Victoria says. “Our love is so visible in the photos.”

The next set of images that Victoria mentioned were the ones of their friends dancing at the reception, which display their personalities perfectly. “And it makes us happy to see them enjoying themselves,” she adds.

Finally, there’s a single shot, post-reception, that Victoria highlights.

“We had a hero who took an Uber to Raising Cane’s and brought back an entire tray of chicken fingers to the after-party,” she explains. “How many times do you get to eat Cane’s chicken in your wedding dress?”

Our guess? Just once.

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