Achieve a naturally beautiful glow on your wedding day

This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Columbus Weddings, published in June 2018.

If there's one constant about beauty trends, it's that they never stick around for long. Today's brides are shying away from the ultra-intense glam makeup looks of the last few seasons, instead favoring a softer, natural aesthetic for their big days.

“I definitely think that [natural makeup] is something that brides have been doing this year a lot,” says Sophia Ruhe, aesthetician and makeup artist at PENZONE Salon + Spa Dublin. “I think it's because they want to look more like themselves.”

Think: Less heavy-duty contour and dramatic, smoky eyes, and a shift toward dewier, romantic vibes that draw attention to your best features. “I think it has a lot to do with the more understated look and wanting to be able to recognize themselves, but still feel really pretty,” says Amber Ready, a makeup artist and hair stylist at

J. Bentley Hair Studio and Day Spa. “Trends in general—even with hair—everything is becoming a lot more soft and romantic.”

Ruhe achieves this style of makeup by focusing on soft, pink or peachy blushes with lots of natural-looking highlight for that dewy glow. “I really try to emphasize their eyebrows and their eyes as well,” she adds. “No one wants winged eyeliner anymore, so I have to make sure that I open up the eyes without putting too much of that eye makeup on.”

Ruhe and Ready, as well as J. Bentley aesthetician Kelly Vavrek, all agree that the best way to emphasize the eye without heavy makeup is by creating long, fluttery lashes.

If your lashes are naturally long and full, Ready suggests a combination lash perm and tint; the former adds curl and lift to the lashes for about 10 weeks, while the tint darkens the existing lash to the tip for four to six weeks.

For those who need more of a boost, Ready and Vavrek recommend either eyelash extensions, which bind individual false lashes to your natural hairs and lasts six to eight weeks, or a serum such as Revitalash, which adds length and fullness in about six weeks that lasts as long as you continue using the product. Of course, using the ever-popular false lashes for just the wedding day itself is a great option as well.

“A lot of brides will [tell us], ‘I want to look like I have a Snapchat filter on my face,'” Ready says. “They want to look smooth and airbrushed or filtered, essentially.” And while she and Vavrek aren't seeing many clients request airbrushed makeup specifically—thanks to advancements in primer, foundation and setting sprays that can achieve a flawless finish on their own—Ruhe still uses the professional application technique on many of her brides.

The final component to achieving a flawless, natural wedding-day look, Ruhe adds, is having a great skincare routine in place long before the big day. “Sometimes, when they come in for their trial makeup, I'm like, ‘OK, you have homework. You need to add a moisturizer to your skincare routine. That way, the day of your wedding, we don't have to use as much makeup.'”

According to Ruhe, an ideal skincare routine should start at least six months before your wedding and include a cleanser, a serum that contains vitamin C and two moisturizers—one with SPF for daytime wear and one with retinol for the evening.