How one couple navigated a last-minute change of plans.

This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Columbus Weddings, published in June 2018.

We had planned a backyard wedding at our home in Berwick for an entire year, because we had just bought this house and we thought we could save some money. We chose Labor Day weekend, thinking the weather would be fine in September.

The week before, we decided to get a tent. So in our backyard, there are some power lines, and a tent wouldn't fit. We had to put it in the front, which didn't leave us much space. Then, two days before the wedding, the forecast said 100 percent chance of rain. We decided we just couldn't take that chance. We called up everywhere, and everywhere was booked. Jeff finally called The Kitchen, and luckily, they had an opening. I'm sitting at work and I get a text from Jeff: “Hey, I'm booking a venue.” And I was like, “Wait, wait, wait, we have to talk about this!” He said, “It's a done deal. It's booked.”

I didn't see the venue until right before the ceremony; I had never been to The Kitchen. Our whole setup was different; I told our planner, Marti Babcock of All Together Now, “Just make it look good however you like it, and we'll go with it.”

We didn't order a lot of flowers for the original location since there's so much greenery in our backyard. That was one of our cost-saving measures. So last-minute, we didn't have enough flowers. Marti had to go—I think she went to North Market—and get some extra flowers.

So all day, it was raining and we were outside taking photos and laughing; we were like, just let it keep raining now, because we're inside, we don't have to stand under a tent and be cold; we can dance and have fun now.

Emily Cutright Kopco and Jeff Kopco married on Sept. 2, 2017, at The Kitchen.