Chris McNeil, known on Twitter as @reflog_18, is done with ill-advised spectacles.

In a sports town known more for its failures than its feats, Cleveland Browns fan Chris McNeil added his name to both the hall of fame and the wall of shame when he led nearly 3,000 other fans in braving single-digit temperatures in January to form a human circle around Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium—a giant O representing last year's winless season.

The Perfect Season Parade started as a tongue-in-cheek tweet from McNeil, a 39-year-old Granville resident better known by his Twitter handle, @reflog_18 (“golfer” spelled backward), where his funny and provocative tweets about all things Cleveland sports have earned him nearly 120,000 followers.

Some of those followers suggested that McNeil should get behind an August fan rally in support of Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who was placed on paid leave under allegations that he mishandled domestic violence accusations against former assistant coach Zach Smith.

McNeil knew better, realizing a rally for Meyer had more serious implications and potential for backlash than his silly celebration of haplessness. “I'm very glad I wasn't [involved],” McNeil says. “That one came off the way I was worried mine would at one point.”

So, as the Browns embark on a new season, full of promise for more spectacular failure, what's McNeil's encore? He says he's not sure, but whatever it is, “I'm out of the parade game.”

Then, ever the hopeful and resilient fan, he adds: “The only Browns parade I'll be a part of from now on is the championship parade.”


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