Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.






212 Park Dr., Columbus

Osprey Inc. from Jeffries, Susan H.


3020 Scioto Estates Ct., Hilliard

Stotlar, Douglas W. & Julie A. from Liebert, Susan W.


138 Sycamore St., Columbus

Fackler, Christopher from Schottenstein, Jonathan


2660 Crafton Park, Upper Arlington

Mokadam, Nahush A. & Sunita O. from Sonnett, Judith A., trustee


41 Ealy Crossing N, New Albany

Von Kaenel, Douglas A. & Allison W. from Krough, Matthew S. & Shannon O.


7347 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany

Figuly, Richard from Moss, R. Lawrence & Kristine Ann


6521 Quarry Ln., Columbus

Brunk, William C. & Smith, Janet K. from Smith, Carol S. 

& Hoffman, Carol A.


4074 Stannage Close, New Albany

Satyapriya, Anand & Sree V. from Vendetti, Mark J. 

& Theresa M.


3896 Fairlington Dr., Upper Arlington

Poulose, Benjamin K. & Michelle L. from The Tuckerman Home Group Inc.


131 W. Broadway, Granville

Denison University from Bow, Melissa W., trustee


6787 Lake Trail Dr., Westerville

Abraham, David M. from Deogaonkar, Milind


1201 Wyandotte Rd., 

Grandview Heights

Murphy, Connor from McNamara, Lisa


2610 Charing Rd., Upper Arlington

Gillie, Scott W. & Anne Denk from Meiling, Susan C.


7147 Wilton Loop, Dublin

Peterson, Matthew C. & Sara from Bertke, Kipp B. & Amy S.


5290 Locust Hill Ln., Dublin

Helfrich, Nicole A. from Garrison, James P. & Peggy


8188 Tillinghast Dr., Dublin

Halligan, Sean & Danielle from Wiot, Cheryl B.


8117 Grant Dr., Dublin

Miller, Leah & Todd from Hannan, William Murray 

& Cortney, Catherine


2001 Cambridge Blvd., Upper Arlington

Grote, Michael Leonard & Brittan L. from Crawmer, Timothy J. & Kathryn


158 Beck St., Columbus

Sonnett, Judith A, trustee, from Poussot, Rodolphe


5570 Stansbury Dr., Dublin

Sarac, Timur & Judith from Bob Webb Muirfield LLC.


8630 Albury Ct., Powell

Borello, Bryan S. & Laura from Gebhardt, Randall E. & Trott, Kara, J.


9438 Wilbrook Dr., Powell

McGrath, Ryan D. & Jillian L., trustees, from Romanelli And Hughes Building Co.


2005 Abbotsford Green Dr., Powell

Bittar, Samih W. & Rana Nadour from Capoccia, Antonio, trustee


5177 Rosalind Blvd., Powell

Huq, Hassan from Charbonneau, Donna C.


219 S. Columbia Ave., Bexley

Hayler, Christopher & Hire, Elisabeth from Forbes, Michael P. & Trina K.

As provided by The Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.