Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

We’re suckers for a great candid shot—what can be better than the raw emotion they capture? If you ask Lauren Sullinger, who wed Julian Sullinger at Jorgensen Farms on Sept. 1, 2017, she’d probably agree with us. A candid shot is, after all, her favorite image from her wedding day.

“There is a picture of my husband and I sitting at the dinner table. … His brother was giving his best man’s speech, and my husband is looking over at me while I laugh at something said during the speech,” she says. “I just love the look my husband was giving me in that moment. It made me feel so special.”

It’s a sweet photo, to be sure. But when we posed the same question—what’s your favorite?—to Julian, his answer was entirely different.

“The entire photo album,” he says. “It was filled with smiles and happiness from start to finish.”

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