Local bakers offer much more than basic flavors.

This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Columbus Weddings, published in June 2018.

By the time your cake tasting rolls around, four to eight months before your wedding, you'll probably be sick of making decisions. You might even be tempted to just ask for the ubiquitous crowd-pleasers—chocolate and vanilla—and call it a day.

That would be a mistake.

Today's flavor options run the gamut, and with many local bakers offering dozens of types of cakes, frostings and fillings, the possible combinations are seemingly endless. Here are a few of our top picks from Our CupCakery in Dublin and Jan Kish-La Petite Fleur in Worthington.

The Classics

One combination that's often requested by clients of Jan Kish-La Petite Fleur is the cake that won an episode of TLC's Ultimate Cake Off in 2010, says owner Jan Kish. It's a White Swan cake—which Kish calls “your classic white wedding cake”—with English lemon curd, vanilla buttercream and raspberry reduction.

Another favorite flavor combination, chocolate and peanut butter, is especially popular during football season, says Linda Kick Molter, wedding consultant at Our CupCakery. “We have what we call the ‘backwards buckeye,' because it's a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate ganache filling and then a peanut butter frosting,” she adds. “We also do a peanut butter cake with a chocolate frosting, which I think is delicious.”

New Twists on Old Favorites

Pull an Emeril Lagasse and kick things up a notch by adding an unexpected twist to your flavors. “We have a chili chocolate cinnamon [cake]” that is surprisingly popular, says Kish. “It's extra bittersweet, but you get a kick of cinnamon that comes up.”

Kick Molter says her bakery's pumpkin caramel and apple cinnamon cakes are in demand among those who want to go beyond a traditional spice cake, especially in the cooler months.

All in the Family

“If you have been raised on a cake that you absolutely love and you would like it to be part of your wedding cake, give us the recipe,” says Kish. She and her team can test it to make sure it tastes just like what Grandma used to make before incorporating it into your dessert. Kick Molter recalls doing this for a groom whose mother made a chocolate cake using a boxed mix and a jar of cherry pie filling. “We've never had an experience that was awful with a recipe we were given,” she notes.

Truly Unique

Our CupCakery has an orange Creamsicle-style cake that Kick Molter loves, but cautions that “people either really like that, or they don't like it very much at all.” When choosing a polarizing flavor, it's best to also offer a more traditional, neutral choice, she recommends.

Kish's popular Persian Love cake has a unique flavor profile as well: rosewater, cinnamon and cardamom, with a pistachio buttercream icing. And her Banbury Rose cake has an English influence, with candied lemon and orange peel, rosewater, almonds and rum-soaked currants.