Behind the scenes of September's fall fashion photo shoot

As feature stories go, there's not much writing in our fall fashion section—this issue's cover story. But what the 10-page section lacks in word count, it more than makes up for in planning and preparation. The fall fashion photo shoot and the accompanying spring fashion package that runs in our April issue involve more people, more schedules and more meetings than perhaps any features we do all year.

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Orchestrating that whole symphony is our Home and Style editor, Sherry Beck Paprocki. For years, Sherry has been putting together homes spreads and fashion stories not just for Columbus Monthly but for many other publications as well. She has it down to a science, as evidenced by the almost minute-by-minute schedule she hands out to the 10 to 12 people needed when the day of the 8- to 10-hour photo shoot finally arrives.

This year's fall fashion photo shoot took place at the historic Buxton Inn in Granville, 20 minutes east of Columbus. The 206-year-old former stagecoach stop—which underwent a $1 million renovation after being purchased in 2014 by Robert Schilling, owner of Columbus-based Urban Restorations, and his daughters, Adrienne Molnar and Jennifer Valenzuela—is consistently listed among the most-haunted places in Ohio and the Midwest. No spirits were reported by the members of our fashion photo shoot, and no poltergeists interrupted the proceedings. Maybe friendly ghosts were offering their help, because the weather, which called for rain, was ideal for photography, save for a three-minute shower in the afternoon, during which our photographer, Tim Johnson, shot the yellow dress with the black wrap under one of Granville's big, old shade trees while the male model headed to the nearby Whit's Frozen Custard and picked up a small treat for everyone.

So what about the fashion? Sherry spends weeks perusing the area boutiques and talking with shop owners to glean their insights.

“They go to markets all over North America and bring us influences that are popular and current on both coasts in the country,” Sherry says. “They spend a lot of time carefully selecting the fashions we use, and I appreciate that.”

And this fall, as shown by the outfit highlighted on our cover, color is out in full bloom, says Sherry. Why? “I can't ignore the fact that women are feeling more powerful … influencing the introduction of more reds in various shades, oranges and such for fall.”

Fall is also a time for the arts, and our Fall Arts Guide should give readers lots of opportunities to step out in those new, fashionable outfits for a night of theater, music or gallery-hopping. Don't miss the chance to catch one of the many events taking place under the umbrella of I, Too, Sing America—a citywide celebration of one of the most artistically creative periods in American history, the Harlem Renaissance, and how it's still inspiring artists today.