Logan Smyth traveled halfway around the world to ask Trent Stechschulte to marry him.

“He lied to me the whole time to make this happen,” Trent Stechschulte says of his now-husband’s proposal plans. “What a way to start a marriage!”

Stechschulte is laughing, though; after their wedding included a mutual secret-gift exchange—after an explicit agreement not to exchange gifts—these little white lies to conceal something wonderful almost feel par for the course.

Stechschulte and his partner, Logan Smyth, were at the end of a three-week Mediterranean cruise with Smyth’s parents, two of their friends, Smyth’s brother and his girlfriend. The trip ended with a few nights in Venice, Italy, and Smyth told Stechschulte that he had planned a tour at a museum near their hotel as a way for the two of them to be alone after three weeks of family vacation.

“He told me, ‘Well, we’re going to a really nice dinner since it’s our last dinner in Venice … so we’re going to have to wear suits to the museum,’ ” Stechschulte says. “I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s really romantic. That’s cute.’ ”

Stechschulte realized right away that something was amiss; Smyth wasn’t nervous, per se, but he was a bit distracted. When Smyth told him that their tour guide hadn’t arrived yet, Stechschulte wanted to sightsee in a nearby cathedral. Smyth was hesitant, but reluctantly agreed.

“I walked in and looked back at him … I’m like, ‘Logan, look! It’s so pretty!’ And he’s hanging back,” Stechschulte says. “I said, ‘Logan, it’s beautiful, come in here. This is ridiculous.’ He goes, ‘I know, it’s just a church. Come on, let’s get out of here.’ ” After leaving, Smyth started trying to get Stechschulte’s attention.

“I turned and he was looking at me, and I go, ‘What?!’ And he just kind of made a face and I go,’ ”—here Stechschulte gasps dramatically—“ ‘Oh, my god!’ ” Smyth was down on one knee, ring in hand.

“My initial reaction was, ‘You’re an asshole!’ ” Stechschulte says with a laugh. “Because he said that once we got back, we can start, you know, talking about marriage and all that stuff. He just led me on.”

The museum tour itself had been a ruse; instead, the newly engaged couple walked around the neighborhood, taking photos with a professional that Smyth had previously arranged to document the proposal. The dinner, however, was real, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate with Smyth’s family—most of whom had no idea the proposal was planned.

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