Where industry insiders like to eat and drink

In 2007, Dan Riesenberger started his namesake bakery, Dan the Baker, with the goal of bringing quality breads to Columbus. This summer, his baked goods were sold at farmers markets in Linden, Worthington, Westerville, Clintonville and Dublin, as well as at his diminutive Grandview-area Toast Bar, which serves coffee, bread, toast, pastries and pressed sandwiches Wednesday through Sunday. We asked him where he likes to eat and drink.

Cocktail bar: The Citizens Trust [at Veritas]. “They're pretty new, but I think that [new head bartender] Logan [Demmy] has always pushed the envelope and pursued an edgier product, with less fear of how he will be perceived.”

Asian: Jiu Thai.“I love the dried bean curd salad. But make sure your partner eats it the same day you do, because there's an insane amount of fresh garlic in it.”

Comfort food: Dough Mama. “I love their down-to-earth style. The meatloaf is insanely good, and so is the peanut butter pie with the pretzel crust.”

Dive bar: O'Reilly's Pub. “Nothing about this bar is intended for anything other than relaxing with your friends and having a good time. Which is exactly what I look for in a dive.”

Dessert: La Tavola. “It's all about the tiramisu at La Tavola. It's insanely good. Like whoa.”