Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.





3 Highgrove Farms, New Albany

Patterson, Todd Lee & Tiffany from Tuckerman Development Co.


2164 Elgin Rd., Upper Arlington

Fowler, James R. & Adrienne A. from Stone, Jeffrey C.


5072 E. Walnut St., Westerville

Pokosh, Brian & Dianna from Ogden, John R. & Kelly M.


9630 Riverway Run, Powell

Sanchez, Julio Cesar Galindo & Davison, Kristie M. from Silvestri, John T. & Magda A.


6905 Macneil Dr., Dublin

Beran, Matthew C. & Lesley A. from Peabody, David G. 
& Barbara A.


12041 Wildwood Ln., Sunbury

Hall, Kelley & Brad E. from Turner, James W.


250 W. Spring St., Unit 321, Columbus

Pickler, Rita H. & John S. from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


2330 Lane Rd., Upper Arlington

Kramer, Derek Shane & Melissa from Bullock, David J. & Theresa


7217 Biddick Ct., New Albany

Shumavon, Gregory J. & Tricia from Dopoulos, Jason J. & Erin R.


782 W. Orange Rd., Delaware

Schuth, Gregory M. & Beth A. from Speelman, Robert D. Jr.


4220 Gunston Hall, New Albany

Bronsdon, Phillip E. & Carol A. from Kirschner, Richard


1988 Berkshire Rd., Upper Arlington

Sivak, Erica L. & Wesley N. from Foster, Edward M. & Sarah A.


7201 Biddick Ct., New Albany

Old Republic Diversified Services Inc. from Liebel, Jeffrey R. & Katherine M.


4386 Dublin Rd., Columbus

Tillinghast, Sean & Amy from Jones, Jeffrey A.


201 Dawson Ave., Bexley

Stein, Steven & Jaime from Rackoff, Paul F. & Lauren N.


5006 Rosalind Ln., Powell

Porter, Damon & Lashyia from Rademacher, John C. & Christine R.


9348 Wilbrook Dr., Powell

Mathur, Ami Desai & Saakait Narain from Williams, Damon & Marychris


10451 Mackenzie Way, Dublin

Tavukcu, Birsel & Pirim, Taner from Cavanaugh, John E. & Eileen M.


5180 Rosalind Blvd., Powell

Pohmer, Sarah E. & Kevin P. from Clark, Patrick J. Jr. & Amber


2425 Abington Rd., Upper Arlington

Seamon, Aaron & Winter, Jessica from Right Property Group LLC


3982 Redford Ct., New Albany

Whisler, Ann K. & Nicholas R. from Heisenberg Realty LLC


2700 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Wright, James Bradley & Amy Braun from Weis, Timothy J. & Deborah T.


3880 Rushmore Dr., Upper Arlington

Tuckerman Home Group Inc. from Mel Development LLC


9430 Wilbrook Dr., Powell

Schafer, Kevin J. & Amanda N. from Romanelli And Hughes Building Co.


4721 Old Ravine Ct., Upper Arlington

Porter, Andrew C. & Andrea C. from Fuller, Keith A. & Ryan, Brooke

As provided by The Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.