Real newlyweds give wedding planning tips based on their experience.

Megan and Ric Diedalis’ wedding took place on June 2, 2018, at St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic Church, with a reception at The Ivory Room.

If you could do anything about your wedding differently, what would you change and why?    

Megan: I would have taken more pictures with our guests during the reception. I also wish my bridal party would've taken more pictures while we were getting ready.

Ric: I really would not have done a thing differently!

What are you happy you spent money on?        

M: A photographer and videographer. The day goes by so fast, it is hard to take everything in and remember it all. Having the pictures and video to look at brings it all back.

R: The venue; from the venue itself to the coordinator, Krystin, we were in great hands the entire time. 

What do you think you could have done without?          

M: I'm sure there are things we could have gone without, or cut back on, but I really don't have any regrets about anything.

R: I guess we could have scaled down on some things, but we were really happy with how everything turned out. 

What was your biggest surprise when planning your wedding?               

M: How quickly things add up!

What do you wish you'd known before you started planning?  

M: There are going to be tons of small details and decisions you didn't realize you would have to deal with. Don't get overwhelmed; just go with your gut.

R: The amount of planning in order to get everything to turn out how you want is more than you could ever imagine.

Did you experience any wedding-day snafus?

M: The fire alarm went off at our venue before our cocktail hour, as guests started to arrive; they had to evacuate the building, and the fire department showed up! Thankfully no one told me until the next day, and it was all resolved before we got there. 

R: The coordinator associated with the wedding took care of everything. 

Did you and your fiancé get into any silly arguments?   

M: My fiancé was super laid-back with all of the planning. He wanted to make sure everything was exactly what I wanted. The main thing he cared about was making sure we had good food.

R: This one made me laugh. No arguments; I told her to get whatever she wanted.

Do you have any general advice for couples currently planning their weddings?             

M: Enjoy it and don't stress about it. It should be a fun experience.

R: Have fun with it! Really enjoy the process with your fiancé. And remember, it’s you two that are getting married and you need to be happy with it. Don't worry about what other people say and think.

Do you have any general marriage advice, as a newlywed?

M: Go on dates.

R: Communicate, communicate and communicate more.