From the messy kitchen to the pocket office, the long-time homebuilder likes to stay on the cutting edge of design.

It was a few weeks prior to last September’s BIA Parade of Homes. Landscapers and builders were putting the finishing touches on the seven homes in the Dublin-area parade at Jerome Village. One house, though, was wrapped in what appeared to be insulation paper, and its entrance was difficult to find. In the midst of the pre-opening hubbub, an eerie silence surrounded it.

Inside, though, the builder Bob Webb was sitting on a high stool at a table in the garage. Nearly 49 years after he built his first home in Central Ohio, it seemed he couldn’t be more proud of what he was about to reveal. In fact, the wrapping effect was designed to generate buzz in the neighborhood that, at that moment, was crawling with the big pickups and massive SUVs driven by other builders, smaller cars of local interior designers, and the tractors and backhoes used in finishing the yardwork. The grand reveal, Webb hoped, would surprise all who attended the upcoming tour. Certainly, the house incorporated designs unlike some of the others—a unique kitchen with upgraded technology, an owner’s suite with six rooms and an elaborate backyard.

Webb, who has built more than a few homes in his lifetime, says this one isn’t necessarily for sale. (It was the priciest home on the tour, at about $1.5 million.) Instead, the company uses it as a model for what modern families need today. It’s located at 11371 Winterberry Drive in Plain City.